A B O U T   T K O N

     Town Tkon is oldest town on island Pašman, originating
from first century before Christ In eleventh century was
rnantioned by Byzantine Czar Konstantin Porfirogenet
by name Katan. That is how island was called until
Roman times.


Through history town was named mani names. It was
recorded in year 1067 under the name Katun, what later
changed into Tucun, Tcon, Tkon and later in Cun, Kun and
that is how local people call it to this day.

It is located on the northeast end part of island across
Biograd which is conected whit mainland, and every day by
ferry. Main source of income for island Tkon residents are
farming, fishing and tourism.


Parish of Tkon has four churches. Today church St. Tomas
was build around year 1730 and to 17'th century church was
called St. Mary's. Church St. Anthony's was build in year
1672. Small Chapel of our Lady is located on the Calvary hill
with alter from 18'th century. The Benedictine church of
St. Kuzme and Damjana is dating from year 1125.
Was build in Roman times and restored in Gothic times
(doorway from year 1418). Year 1527 Tkon had population
of 170 residents and now has 730 residents.